Gluten Free Flour Mix

This is a quick, easy wheat-free flour mix that works really well for sweets (especially cookies & pie crusts). It makes the most sense to mix up a batch ahead of time, because gluten-free (or just wheat-free) baking is enough of a darn pain without having to measure out finicky amounts of random flours in the middle of baking.

  • 6 parts brown rice flour
  • 2 parts potato starch
  • 1 part tapioca flour
  • 2¼ parts almond flour

Original ratio is from Gluten Free Cookies by Luane Kohnke.

Just mix them up in a bowl, stir together (ideally with a whisk) and store like you would regular flour (I use a large, more-or-less airtight container). When you bake, use about 1¼ cups of mix per cup of flour in any recipe. It also works best to add xanthan gum, about ¼ to ½ tsp per cup of flour (more for a harder or chewier texture). I also think it’s a good idea to know more-or-less the texture and feel of whatever dough you’re making, so you can adjust with more liquid or flour if the recipe is just not seeming right.

For any readers unfamiliar with a ‘part’ recipe, the idea is that you take any container (for example, a 1 cup measure) and use it the specified number of times. How much you get depends on how large your container. The smallest reasonable measure to use for this is probably a ¼ cup, giving about enough flour for most batches of cookies, plus a little left over:

  • 1½ cups brown rice flour
  • ½ cup potato starch
  • ¼ cup tapioca starch
  • 5 Tbsp almond flour

Yummy baking!

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