Lunch Today (03/09/2012)

Lunch today turned out really light. But ZiZ did say he ate too much last time! And all these veggies will help him get well soon! (Phew, good save!)

Assorted pickles (green bean, cauliflower, carrot, and onion) with blue cheese crumbles. No idea how the blue cheese will fit with the pickles, but it sounded like a fun thing to try.

Spinach onion salad with experimental truffle dressing. I think if I’d been feeling a little less sick myself, I’d have seared a couple scallops to go on top.

Apple-cinnamon yogurt, always a hit :) (Those yellow dots are agave nectar.)

By request, a big honking chunk of brie with more homemade strawberry jam. With more crackers, not pictured. With just the tiniest bit of pepper to make it pretty.

Notes to self: I really need to get my knives sharpened, and to find some pickle tongs.

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