Lunch Today (03/15/2012)

This lunch turned out all about the snacky goodness. Om nom snacks.

First though, a main dish. More leftover gnocchi, which I swear I’ll post the recipe for any minute now.

Next up, yogurt with citrus fruit. Grapefruit and lemon wedges, to be precise, because ZiZ is insane and heartily enjoys eating lemons, whole, rind and all. Some days I understand my husband’s tastes, some days… not so much. But hey, I can still cater to them! (The green in the picture is a holder for the yogurt, not some indication of horribly off food.)

Since yesterday’s cheese tray was such a hit (quote: “mm, blueberries and bleu cheese go together surprisingly well on crackers“), I thought I’d do a redux. Clockwise from the bottom we have: brie, goat cheese, talari, blue cheese, and rosso di langa. The talari and rosso di langa are new, since I was curious how they tasted. I’d say the talari is a classic sharp sheep’s milk cheese with a surprisingly strong herby overtone (since it doesn’t appear to contain any herbs), and the rosso di langa reminds me of sort of a cross between a brie and a blue cheese. Both quite yummy. The container here is rounded out with just blueberries (and a side of crackers), since I expect ZiZ will elect to snack on this all day along with

Crispy deep fried green beans (bought, not made, my fryer’s not big enough to do those without it being a huge production. Maybe when they come in from the garden…), walnuts, and pecans. See? Yum snacks.

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