Lunch Today (03/19/2012)

Between us, ZiZ and I managed to eat all the entree food in the house over the weekend. So, uh, lunch today is made of yummy side dishes, and hopefully enough protein :P

Green beans with roasted garlic and browned butter, plus a nice lemon half to give them some brightness (and color).

Yogurt with raspberries and blueberries, arranged in a slightly disturbing smiley face. That was going to be an agave nectar nose, but, uh, it ran. Symbolic of us both being ill, or something.

Cheese! A big wedge of brie with strawberry jam, plus whatever was close to hand, and some dates to fill out the container.

Multigrain crackers and some lemon drop cookies.

Notes to self: Buy basil so I can make more caprese. Yum, caprese.

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