Lunch Today (03/27/2012)

Lunch today turned out full of things I haven’t posted the recipe/dinner for yet. Clearly I need better blogging habits. In the meantime…

Rosemary lentil soup, garnished with a dash of Greek yogurt and heart-shaped baby carrot slices (these are really easy to make—carve a whole carrot into whatever shape you like, and then slice to get cute little cross sections. If you’re using a larger vegetable, there are cutters available to do all that for you). Hope the garnish doesn’t sink before ZiZ gets to see it.

More green beans with roasted garlic.

Kiwi and strawberries (mostly kiwi, since the kiwis I got are huge) around a yogurt core.

Not pictured is bread to dip in the soup, and some carrot sticks in case of SNACK ATTACK.

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