Quick Salmon Roll-Ups

You know those pinwheel things they serve at fancy catered events? They’re actually super easy to make! This is a version using smoked salmon as the wrapping material, but anything thin and cohesive will work (think tortillas). So easy it doesn’t even get a real recipe! Total time is about 2 hours, or 10 minutes in a pinch, and it serves as many people as you like.


  • Smoked salmon, as much as you want to serve. Probably 2oz. per person is about right for an appetizer, but I always just do it by eye. Buy the pre-sliced kind to make your life easy.
  • Greek yogurt (or cream cheese and some milk or cream to thin it out). I find that not only is Greek yogurt easier to spread and something I’m more likely to have around the house than cream cheese, I actually like its tanginess better with smoked salmon. If you’d rather use cream cheese, though, you should thin it out with enough milk or cream that you can spread it fairly easily. The amount you need here is “enough to cover the salmon” (see below).
  • Whatever you like to top your salmon with! Think dill, capers, red onions, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, etc. Don’t go overboard, but 3 toppings or so is about right.


  • Plastic wrap
  • Fridge
  • Sharp Knife


  1. Lay the salmon out on a square of plastic wrap in a rectangle, overlapping pieces just a bit to help it hold together. You want a rectangle about 6-12 inches wide and however long that comes out to, depending on how many servings you’re making (for a small number of servings, use a smaller rectangle). If you’re making a lot, you may need more than one rectangle.
  2. Spread thinly all over with the Greek yogurt.
  3. Sprinkle your toppings over the rectangle, fairly thinly but making sure to get it all over. I made this batch with dill, red onion, and sundried tomatoes.
  4. Grab the far end of the plastic wrap and carefully pick it up until you get to the salmon, then fold it over tightly to make the start of a roll. Repeat, rolling tightly, until you reach the end of the salmon.
  5. Wrap the roll tightly in the plastic wrap and refrigerate for about 2 hours. You can skip this step, but the roll won’t firm up and it will look sloppy when you slice it.
  6. Slice the roll with a sharp knife into pieces 1-2 inches wide. You can slice right through the plastic wrap and take it off after for the best presentation.
  7. Eat and enjoy!

Salmon roll-ups in a lunch container

The Carnage

Basically nothing to clean up here. Wash your hands and the sharp knife, throw away the square(s) of plastic wrap, and you’re done.

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