Lunch Today (04/03/2012)

I can always tell I’m tired/sick when I don’t feel up to garnishing every dish in ZiZ’s lunch. On the other hand, the food is good even when it’s not epically pretty, so I don’t feel too bad :)

More rosemary lentil soup, yum.

Homemade bacon mac and cheese.

Crispy veggies, intended for eating with the cheese collection below. The peas are homegrown, frozen from last year; I expect they’ll defrost just fine between now and lunchtime. Also included are carrot sticks and pre-sliced radish mice (pre-slicing the little guys made it a lot harder to get their eyes to stick).

Six amusing kinds of cheese (cheddar, blue, brie, some other stuff) and mashed Jerusalem artichokes (aka sunchokes). Crackers also included.

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