Lemon Drop Cookies

These are delightfully soft cookies, almost like a puffy, lemon-flavored shortbread. They also have the excellent adult-friendly property of a controllable sweetness, so you can eat them very sweet or further on the tart side. Plus, yum lemon!

Makes about 55 cookies
Minimum total time from start to finish: about 4 hours, 90 minutes active
(Active time can be spread about evenly between 2 days)

Original credit to Gluten Free Cookies by Luane Kohnke.

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Gluten Free Flour Mix

This is a quick, easy wheat-free flour mix that works really well for sweets (especially cookies & pie crusts). It makes the most sense to mix up a batch ahead of time, because gluten-free (or just wheat-free) baking is enough of a darn pain without having to measure out finicky amounts of random flours in the middle of baking.

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Quick Salmon Roll-Ups

You know those pinwheel things they serve at fancy catered events? They’re actually super easy to make! This is a version using smoked salmon as the wrapping material, but anything thin and cohesive will work (think tortillas). So easy it doesn’t even get a real recipe! Total time is about 2 hours, or 10 minutes in a pinch, and it serves as many people as you like.

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Unicorn (or other mythical creature) Poop Cookies

These are absolutely adorable cookies, great to share with kids or any adults with a sense of humor. They’re not especially quick to put together, but the end result is well worth it.

Makes about as many cookies as your sugar cookie recipe, usually 40-48.
Minimum total time from start to finish: 7-8 hours, about half active.
This can easily be spread over a couple of days, and several of the steps (snake rolling, decorating) would be fun and easy to share with kids.
Original credit for this recipe goes to Instructables user kristylynn84 and her instructions for unicorn poop cookies.

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